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Chocolate Covered KRAVE


Remember when everyone was going crazy for chocolate covered bacon? We have to admit, it was a pretty amazing combination. Naturally - we had to go for chocolate covered KRAVE! Be adventurous when you’re entertaining next and serve up this perfectly salty and sweet treat.

Serves: Well, that depends – but this recipe is sure to satisfy at least 6 with a sweet tooth!


2 - 3.25 oz Bags of KRAVE Jerky
1 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips (we prefer Guittard)
1 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips (we prefer Guittard)


Place both kinds of chocolate chips in separate, microwave safe bowls. Prepare cookie sheet or parchment paper for dipped jerky to cool.

One bowl at a time - microwave chocolate chips for one minute. Remove, stir and if not yet melted, continue to heat up in 15 second intervals.

Dip jerky generously into chocolate, place on sheet or parchment to cool.