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We have reformulated all our recipes and are now completely gluten free! It is important to triple check the packaging, as some of the old product can still be found in the marketplace. Any order placed online – is guaranteed to receive the new recipe. Please email us at if you have any additional allergy questions or concerns.
NO! KRAVE jerky does not use MSG in our products and never has (except for that which naturally occurs in soy sauce).
The shelf life of our jerky is one year for all flavors.
Short answer, no. Longer answer, sure, if you want to. We recommend consuming our jerkys within one week of opening the bag and keeping it refrigerated will help it stay fresh that whole week. If you’re anything like us though, your bag will be empty before it ever has a chance to hit the fridge.
Our average calorie count per 1 oz serving is about 80 calories. This is very low for jerky products and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are not only low in calories, but we are also high in protein AND low in fat.
We currently only have our 3.25 oz bags available for purchase on our website. We do have a larger 16 oz. bag, that is exclusively available at some Costcos. Our single-serving 1.5 oz bag is available at select retailers and will be available online soon!
Please feel free to send your sponsorship proposal to
Check out our store locator to find out if KRAVE is carried by a store in your town. We are adding retail outlets all the time so keep checking back and/or place an order through our website!
NO! We do not use any added nitrites in our products (except that which naturally occurs in sea salt and celery juice powder).