Food is everything to healthy foodies. And it's everything to us.

That's why KRAVE snacks are made with gourmet cuts of meat and crafted flavors. The ingredients we use are the same you'd find in your local grocery store. Or better yet, at your local farmer's market.

Because that's what healthy foodies want. That's how things are done where we come from, in Sonoma, California.

Team Krave

KRAVE Jerky has a reputable history as the go-to snack for athletes, providing a good source of protein and  nourishment for football players, U.S. Olympians and fitness gurus alike.

Michael Phelps & Carli Floyd


Our friends and partners whose quest for that perfect snack led them to KRAVE. While they're known for their skills, we know them for their character, enthusiasm for life, and love for KRAVE gourmet meat. Together, we are on a mission to SNACK A CUT ABOVE.

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