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Meaty Sushi


Sushi is delicious, healthy and fun. You can get creative as you like or just stick to the basics. All you need is some seaweed, rice and your favorite fillings. Get the whole family together and play with your food – it’s sushi night!

Serves: As much as you need!


Visit The Sushi University and learn all the essential steps of making your very own sushi!

Barbecue Bites: KRAVE Black Cherry Jerky, Japanese sweet potato, green onion with a tangy BBQ sauce drizzle

Teriyaki Me Roll: KRAVE Grilled Sweet Teriyaki Jerky, julienned carrots and cucumber with brown rice and black sesame seeds

JLTA Roll: KRAVE Basil Citrus Jerky, lettuce of your choice, heirloom tomato and avocado. Side of ranch optional