Meat Our People

"Meat" our Sonoma-based group who makes the meaty magic happen. They’ve revolutionized meat and poultry snacks with KRAVE’s culinary-inspired bites.

Joanie Gray Joanie Gray

Joanie Gray

Office Manager

Joanie's Fave

Jordan Goffi Jordan Goffi

Jordan Goffi

PR & Partnerships Manager

Jordan's Fave

Renee Fuller Renee Fuller

Renee Fuller

Customer Marketing Manager

Renee's Fave

Christina Blaisdell Christina Blaisdell

Christina Blaisdell

Digital Marketing Manager

Christina's Fave

Brett Hoffman Brett Hoffman

Brett Hoffman

Innovation Manager

Brett's Fave

Lexie Brodhun Lexie Brodhun

Lexie Brodhun

Director Field Team

Lexie's Fave

Jennifer Newman Jennifer Newman

Jennifer Newman

Field Development Coordinator

Jennifer's Fave

Nichole Brown Nichole Brown

Nichole Brown

Managers, Business Operations & Supply Chain

Nichole's Fave

Sid Cunningham Sid Cunningham

Sid Cunningham

Sr. Mgr, Quality & Regulatory Compliance

Sid's Fave

Robert Daniels Robert Daniels

Robert Daniels

Finance Manager

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